Friday, April 10, 2009

Decisions, Decisions......

Good Afternoon!

My store has officially been open one month now, and as my shop grows, I have some decisions to make....I was hoping you can help me out :)

I've been pondering the idea of adding some sterling silver pieces into the collection....

I've also been thinking about adding some more simple everyday pieces to the collection..

Now it's your turn....

What would you like to see more of in my shop?
How do you feel about sterling silver? Would you rather pay a bit more for a piece to have it be in sterling silver?
Do you like simple, or more detailed pieces?

Happy thinking !


  1. I love simple and sterling! Just my 2 cents! :0)

  2. Your jewelry is beautiful! I love sterling silver and I think that there are customers who would pay a bit more for it. I think it would be worth a shot!

  3. I think that is really pretty.


  4. sometimes i'm into the very abstract, modern style....other time i want something very delicate.... I know I'm not a big help....:))
    but let's say I like simple,modern. and a big yes to silver!

  5. Cool! Ok..So anything goes for you..Your an easy customer..LOL