Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Favorite Doll Shop On Etsy

I am so happy I'm always on the Etsy forums because I found the cutest doll shop....

The etsy seller name is Dannielle , but the shop name is Princess Nimble -Thimble...

She has been making bendable dolls for 8 years now...Not only are these dolls adorable, but they are totally affordable for $10 each...She even does custom orders...

I am so excited to start a collection for my daughter...

Take a peek at the

(Sorry its not clickable, for some reason my link on blogger has not been working anymore)


  1. Isn't her shop adorable? I got a little hippie girl doll from her right before I left Etsy. It was just the cutest thing.


  2. Hi Jamie! This doll is adorable! Starting a collection for your daughter is a great idea! My two girls only went for Barbies, which we now have too many of.

    Have a nice day!

  3. That doll is so cute! I love the little mushroom!

  4. We’ve always collected Barbies but it’s also nice to see other kinds such as this one. I think some of them are really creative. It’s always fun to see dolls with different styles of hair and clothes.

    Chris Jeffery