Saturday, March 12, 2011


Anyone who knows me knows that I am totally afraid of tarantulas.....I am not exactly sure how and why it started because the fear has been alive since I was a young child......Many tell me my mom put the fear in me.......As she is worse then me when it comes to spiders...Lets just say that when I was baking a Halloween cake in my earlier years, she went out and bought me the plastic spiders I needed to decorate the cake ....She came home and told me the man had to pick up the bag of fake spiders for her at the store...LOL....
Today I took one giant leap in overcoming my fear of tarantulas....We went to a bug museum, and though I was aware that they had tarantulas, which did make me uneasy, I had no idea how many!.... They had an entire tarantula room, including a huge bird eating tarantula, and they had a show that you could touch a tarantula.....I knew I had to endure this as I don't want my toddler daughter to have the same fear I do...I stayed in the room when they did the touch the tarantula portion, and I actually thought about petting it...My family was so proud of me that they actually took a picture of me in the tarantula room...I must say I am proud of my daughter, niece, and nephew as they all did pet the tarantula, no fears at all....

Does this mean Im going to the pet store tomorrow to pick up a pet tarantula? NO way!...But I'm sure proud I was able to sit high among so many hairy creepy creatures....

Check out the adorable plum spider t-shirt featured above by Zoe Chen on Etsy...

Jamie :)


  1. The sweater is really cute. In school our teacher brought his tarantula to school and encouraged us to hold it so I did and it moved real fast and I dropped it busting it's sack and killing it.


  2. My big brave 19 year old son is scared of any type of spider. Not quite sure why either. But then - I'm scared of a few things too that really don't make any sense.

  3. I too am extremely arachnaphobic. I think they are beautiful creatures and I don't ever kill them; however, if i walk through a web or find one crawling on me, all hell breaks loose. It is not a pretty sight.