Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Preschool Woes......

When I grew up, back in the 70's, you were lucky if you even went to preschool, and if you did, you did so at age four.....Also, most of the time was spent painting and playing...Learning your ABC's, no way!....Well, today it is a different story....With daycare becoming more and more popular, people are also putting their children in preschool usually by age 3...

So, if your child doesn't attend preschool by age 3 are they missing out?...What if they don't attend preschool at all?...What are the consequences?
Its been a huge topic of conversation between my sister and I...I guess you can say we have become quite obsessed with preschool choices........Between times (full day/half day), academics, location......It can drive any mom nuts.......Crazy? Probably.........But I just want my child to be prepared for what kindergarten and first grade throw at her...I heard school is getting harder and harder...I must say, I feel my daughter is ready...She already knows her numbers, colors, etc, and she loves being with other children, so Im sure she will love preschool....

I finally made my decision, but it was a hard one.....Maybe the decision was hard because it will be the first time she will not be under my constant care....Anyway, I feel really confident with my choice....

So what are your thoughts? Did your child go to preschool? Are we pushing our children to learn too early, when they should just be playing?

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Jamie :)


  1. I was born in the 60's and I went not only to preschool, but to nursery school before that, then kindergarten, then 12 years of high school. 15 years of some kind of school with never failing a grade. Every kid is different, some are ready, some aren't. Kids can play at school too. I honestly don't think a kid's sole purpose is to be playing anyway and I believe all members of a household should have responsibilites in that household that are pertinent to their age and make some sort of contribution to the running of the household or carry some kind of responsibility even if it is a small one. For instance even a toddler can be responsible for picking up their own toys, or carrying their clothes over to the hamper and dumping them in. There's a time for playing, and then there's time for other things.


  2. Thanks Puss!...Thats awesome you went earlier..I do agree every child is different, and learning begins at home too :)